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CICS LU6.2 Link1 - Host Integration Server | Microsoft Learn
The CICS LU6.2 Link programming model is one of the simplest models that you can use to implement TI functionality. The following figure summarizes the workflow occurring between the client, the default CICS Mirror Transaction, and the mainframe transaction program. The numbers in parentheses indicate the approximate order in which events occur.

Mainframe application migration strategies - Cloud Adoption Framework
Application migration typically involves one or more of the following strategies: Rehost: Move existing code, programs, and applications from the mainframe. Recompile the code to run in a mainframe emulator hosted in a cloud instance. This approach typically starts with moving applications to a cloud-based emulator, and then migrating the ...

CICS Components1 - Host Integration Server | Microsoft Learn
CICS region Each instance of CICS running on a mainframe computer is defined in Virtual Telecommunications Access Method (VTAM) by using a VTAM application statement. Each CICS instance defined in an application statement is called a CICS region. It is useful to define multiple CICS regions on a single mainframe computer because it allows you ...

Move mainframe compute to Azure Virtual Machines - Azure Virtual ...
They may use a Customer Information Control System (CICS), Information Management System (IMS), or Transaction Interface Package (TIP). As the figure shows, a TPM emulator on Azure can handle CICS and IMS workloads. A batch system emulator on Azure performs the role of Job Control Language (JCL). Mainframe data is migrated to Azure databases ...

Mainframe workloads supported on Azure - Azure Virtual Machines
In this article. The solutions listed here can help you migrate your mainframe workload to Microsoft Azure. Some workloads can be migrated with relative ease. Other workloads that depend on legacy system software can be rehosted. For more help with mainframe emulation and services, refer to the Azure Mainframe Migration center.

Set up Micro Focus CICS BankDemo for Micro Focus Enterprise Developer 4 ...
Navigate to the BANDEMO CICS Region under the Regions Container, and then select Edit Region Startup File from the Actions pane. Scroll down to the SQL properties and enter bankdemo for the XA resource name, or use the ellipsis to select it.. Click the Save icon to save your changes.. Right-click BANKDEMO CICS Region in the Console pane, and select Start/Stop Region.

Connect to 3270 apps on IBM mainframes - Azure Logic Apps
With Azure Logic Apps and the IBM 3270 connector, you can access and run IBM mainframe apps that you usually drive by navigating through 3270 emulator screens. That way, you can integrate your IBM mainframe apps with Azure, Microsoft, and other apps, services, and systems by creating automated workflows with Azure Logic Apps.

Configure CI/CD with Azure Pipelines - Azure App Service
Then choose Release to start a new release pipeline that's automatically linked to the build pipeline. Open the Releases tab in Azure Pipelines, open the + drop-down in the list of release pipelines, and choose Create release pipeline. The easiest way to create a release pipeline is to use a template.

Continuous integration and delivery - Azure Data Factory
Continuous integration is the practice of testing each change made to your codebase automatically and as early as possible. Continuous delivery follows the testing that happens during continuous integration and pushes changes to a staging or production system. In Azure Data Factory, continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) means moving Data ...

CI/CD with Azure Pipelines and templates - Azure Resource Manager
From your Azure DevOps organization, select Pipelines and New pipeline. Specify where your code is stored. The following image shows selecting Azure Repos Git. From that source, select the repository that has the code for your project. Select the type of pipeline to create. You can select Starter pipeline.


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